Pay Attention To The Situation Of Myopia In Young People, Prevent The Younger Age Of Myopia

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With the increasing academic pressure in recent years, more and more teenagers have more and more eye problems such as myopia because of excessive use of the eyes and improper use of the eyes. Many parents are extremely worried about their children's eye health problems.

The younger age of children with myopia has become a social problem. With the popularity of electronic products, many children have caused myopia in the excessive use of electronic products. In recent years, more and more preschool children have been plagued by myopia. However, this did not attract enough attention from parents. Many parents still use smartphones, game consoles, and tablets as gifts for their children. This invisibly brings bad eye habits to the children.

Among the myopic people, adolescent progressive myopia is the most worrying. "The phenomenon that the degree of myopia is increasing year by year is called progressive myopia. Myopia will give children a headache, dizziness, and nausea in life and study. Some children are not focused because they cannot see the blackboard. Do not love to learn. In short, the harm caused by myopia can not be ignored, parents should pay enough attention.

In fact, adolescents have many eye problems, but many of them cause great problems. Some children are afraid of delaying their children's learning because of myopia parents, and neglecting the health care and examination of their eyes. Parents should take their children to the hospital regularly for eye examinations.

In addition, if the child feels tired, be sure to reduce the use of eyes, earnest eye exercises, and go to the playground after class. Only by caring for your eyes in many ways can you protect it. Looking into the distance is an effective way to relax your eyes. Only when you are far away can you relax your muscles in your eyes, and you can exercise your distance.

Holidays should minimize the use of electronic products, reduce the learning burden, and go outdoors. If your eyes are dry, use some moisturizing, nutrient artificial tears. Artificial tears contain vitamins, amino acids and some water, which can nourish nutrients, and have no side effects, no dependence, and can be used with confidence. Outdoor sports not only make your child's body and mind healthier, but also keep the child in good vision and have a pair of bright and healthy eyes.

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