Misunderstanding Of Color Blind Glasses

Misunderstanding 1: As long as it is color blind, it can be corrected by wearing color blind glasses. Color blindness is divided into congenital color blindness and acquired color blindness. Acquired color blindness is caused by disease, and the disease will naturally be better. Congenital color blindness is hereditary and cannot be treated. It is divided into two types: complete color blindness and incomplete color blindness. The color-sensing function in the retina of patients with complete color blindness is completely lost, and only black, white, and gray colors can be distinguished. Such color blindness cannot be corrected by color-blind glasses; incomplete color blindness can be corrected by wearing color-blind glasses.


Misunderstanding 2: Color blind glasses can be used universally. There are two types of color blindness, Class A and Class B. The same type of color blindness can be divided into different grades according to the severity. Experiments by color blind correction show that the same type of color blind patients need different types of corrective glasses if they have different grades. Otherwise the effect will not be good.

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