Color Blind Glasses

What is color blind glasses


Color blind glasses is a kind of instrument that uses color-light discrimination method to judge the type of color vision defect through special color matching. It is also a kind of glasses used to correct color blindness. It is currently recognized as an effective way to correct color blindness, which can effectively improve patients. Color perception, improve color resolution.


How it Works


Any color in nature can be synthesized from red, green and blue. The color perception of the human eye is also synthesized from the red, green and blue primary colors. If the cone cells are abnormal, color blindness such as red blindness, green blindness, and blue blindness may occur. If there are two kinds of cones on the retina, the two primary color signals are low (commonly known as two colors weak) and the other primary color is increased. The patient's color vision is abnormal, which we call A color blindness. If a cone on the retina has a low function (commonly known as a weak color), and the other two increase, the patient's three primary colors are dysregulated, which is called B color blindness. Color blind glasses are based on complementary color antagonism, special coating on the lens, the light that is injected into the eyes is reflected off the glasses, and the light that enters the eye is too weak, so that the proportion of the three primary colors entering the human eye tends to normal. , finally achieve the purpose of correct color discrimination

colorblind glasses




The color blind correction glasses is divided into a contact lens type and a general frame type.

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