Matching Skin Tone And Sunglasses

Yellowish skin

If you belong to the skin a little bit yellow, then you should avoid any yellow frame, or you will be sad to find that you can be so Yellowish, of course, this is not what we want to see. Therefore, the yellowish skin should be mainly pink, coffee red, silver, white and other light colors, so as to avoid the skin looking yellower and darker.


White skin

If your skin color is white and it is pathological white, then I don't recommend you use a black frame. The black frame will only make you look whiter and unhealthy. I would recommend you to use brown, burgundy, pink. This will give you a healthy beauty.


Reddish skin

If you are slightly reddish skin, you should reduce the red color on the skin, so you can choose gray, light green, blue frame, etc. This color can make your skin look whiter and more rosy, you can try test.


Black skin

If your skin color is black, I would suggest that you use a bright frame, better than burgundy, blue, these colors should have a better effect, and will show a gorgeous low-key. Go pick the color you like!

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