Matching Face And Sunglasses

Round face:

Suitable for glasses with a slightly thicker frame, a cooler lens color, and a darker color, which has the visual effect of “tightening” the face. Exquisite yellow, red lenses or slim, soft-framed sunglasses will make your face look bigger. You need a straight or angular frame to weaken your contours. Use deep, subtle lenses to reduce obesity and make your face look more exquisite.


Square face:

It is advisable to use sunglasses with narrow upper and lower sides and small rounded corners of the frame. The frame of too large and too square will only make the face look more square, and the color of the lens is better with a stable brown color. Contrary to the rounded face, you need a rounded, streamlined frame to set off your extraordinary temperament.


Inverted triangle face:

Please try to avoid the use of large frames, square frames, because it will appear wider and narrower on the face, using a thin frame, a round frame, the color is brightest. It is suitable for the use of bright, thin metal frame or frameless glasses to reduce the weight above the face, so as not to make the original wide face more dilated.


Triangular face:

Eyeglasses with thicker frames, darker colors and a slightly wider lateral width should be used to adjust the ratio of the upper and lower sides, reduce the lack of face shape, and visually give a sense of harmony.


Rectangular face:


You should choose a wide round or curved mirror with a slightly thicker temple to reduce the slenderness of the long face. The slender face is generally more skinny, and the choice of feminine pink or wine red lenses can increase the brightness of the face. The most suitable choice is the large frame of sunglasses, which can make up for the shortcomings of the face length, make the face look more delicate, and the color is also best in the dark.


Small face shape:

Suitable for wearing thin frames or rimless glasses, choose a light blue, purple, light brown color and other lens colors, there will be unexpected effects.


Oval face:

You are born to be very suitable for Taiwan sunglasses. No matter what style is right for you, pay attention to the size ratio.

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