If You Have Eye Problems, You Should Eat Like This

Cataract: Eat more tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, apples


According to the mechanism and metabolic characteristics of cataract, cataract patients should pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables, especially foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, carrots, and apples. In addition, you should also eat more foods containing iodine. Studies have shown that iodine is involved in the metabolism of the lens and can delay its degenerative changes. "In addition, you should also eat more protein-rich foods such as bean curd, soy milk, bean sprouts and other soy products."

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Macular degeneration: Eat less high-lipid foods


People with macular degeneration must ban smoking and drink as little as possible. At the same time, eat low-lipid foods, such as animal internal organs.


In the diet, be sure to get enough vitamins. Eating foods rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin C and vitamin E can prevent and delay macular degeneration. Including: dark green vegetables, such as spinach, parsley, broccoli, peas, etc.; yellow fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, citrus, etc.; as well as eggs, fish, algae and so on. Studies have shown that people who eat these foods daily can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by 43%.



Glaucoma: Non-smoking alcohol control water intake


To prevent glaucoma, in addition to paying attention to the rules of life and diet, there must be enough rest and sleep every day, the collar should not be too tight, and it is not appropriate to work long hours. The diet must be light and rich, smoking-free alcohol, no tea and no tea. Coffee, proper control of the amount of water, increased water content, increased intraocular pressure.

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