How Glasses Can Improve Your Quality Of Life - 10 Skills To Increase The Comfort Of The Wearer (6-10)

6. Glasses protect your eyes. As soon as you mention protective glasses, you will immediately think of goggles. But don't forget the sports glasses, its wraparound design provides good protection (such as wind protection at high speeds), provides ideal vision when lighting conditions change, and, very importantly – prevents sand in the air when going downhill quickly Harm the eyes. We should also not forget the glass lens. If the wearer's working environment has a lot of dust and dirt, but need clear and transparent vision, glass lens is the ideal choice.

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7. You may have heard that blue is calm, yellow is pleasant in diffuse light, it is said to improve mood, and pink can increase people's visual acuity. Many people are arguing about the effect of each lens color. In fact, the rule of thumb is: the effect of lens color on the wearer varies from person to person, go to the optometrist to try different dyed lenses to find the color that suits you. Optometrists will be happy to provide you with a wealth of information.

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8. Sometimes you need the contrast of your glasses to be better than the contrast of your natural vision. If a high degree of acuity is required, it may be important to use sunglasses lenses. If contrast vision is attenuated due to certain visual defects, it is important to use ordinary glasses. A visual solution that achieves the ideal contrast feels exciting, which meets your visual needs.

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9. This is designed for sports enthusiasts, drivers and everyone who is often troubled by reflections when wearing sunglasses: lenses with polarized filters help reduce the reflection of sunlight on wet or shiny surfaces, You can enjoy a comfortable vision. Let the optometrist show you the difference in the lens.

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10. You often hear that drivers don't like to drive in the twilight because they are not sure about driving in this light. A person's vision can be very different between the daytime and the pupil dilation at night.FLYMOON Polarized Driving Sunglasses can improve your vision when driving.

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