Does Wearing Eyeglasses For A Long Time Cause Eye Deformation?

Why is the eye deformed?


Eyeballs are not actually because of the long-term wearing glasses but high myopia.


Many people believe in one sentence, that is, "wearing glasses for a long time will cause the eyelids to be concave and the eyeballs to stand out, which is very ugly." In fact, wearing glasses for a long time does not cause eyeballs to stand out. To put it another way, eyeballs are not actually because of the long-term wearing glasses but high myopia. In other words, if you don't wear glasses, the eyeballs are also deformed.


The deformation of the eyeball is because the degree of myopia is deepened, the visual axis is lengthened, and the visual field is wide. This is a problem of the eye itself, and has nothing to do with wearing eyeglasses. If the eye is likened to an optical instrument, the distance from the outermost cornea that receives the light from the eyeball to the innermost layer of the retina that senses the light can be seen as a central axis of the optical system, ie the axis of the eye, about the normal human axis. It is 24mm. In general, for every 1 mm increase in the axis of the eye, the degree of myopia increases by 300 degrees.

eyeglasses children 

In fact, wearing glasses itself does not cause eye deformation. The real cause of deformation is the deepening of myopia after improper eye protection, and the axial length of the eye. If the child does not see the blackboard during the class, he must have optometry, and wearing glasses will deepen myopia, which is harmful to the child. According to clinical research, children who have regular optometry and wear appropriate glasses every year have the slowest development rate of myopia compared with children who never wear optometry, or irregular optometry and glasses.


Wearing eyeglasses is a way to control the continuous increase in the degree of glasses. It is not wearing glasses causing myopia, and the degree is rising rapidly. If the degree of wearing glasses continues to rise, it is considered to be caused by the following factors: unreasonable use of eye habits, glasses are not suitable, etc.

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