Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses

People who are suitable for wearing anti-blue glasses:


1. Practitioners who have long faced computer work;


2. Practitioners working in a glare environment;


3. People who like to play mobile phones or watch electronic screens before going to bed or often in a darker environment;


People not suitable wearing anti-blue light glasses:


1. Because the lens has a ground color, it is not suitable for practitioners with high color requirements;


2. Children are not suitable for wearing blue light blocking eyeglasses, because the eye color perception is in the stage of development and is not suitable for long-term wear. (When kids watch movies and play with electronic products, they can wear the glasses).

Following are two styles anti-blue glasses, if you're interested in them, feel free to contact us.

1. Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses-PC frame

anti-blue glasses

2. Eyeglasses Anti Blue-Metal frame

blue light blocking eyeglasses

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