Daily Maintenance Of Sunglasses

The maintenance of sunglasses is roughly the same as that of general glasses. If the lens has stains, grease or fingerprints, use a soft cotton cloth or special lens paper in the special accessories to remove dust or dirt from the lens. After wiping, it should also be cleaned with a lens cleaner. Never use nails to remove spots on the lens. When there is sand on the lens, rinse it with water and dry it with special cloth or paper. Focus on the mirror, because the mirror scratches not only affect the appearance, but also affect the comfort and vision. Never put the glasses in a very cold environment that is too cold or too hot, the frame will be deformed. Friends who drive should not put glasses on the rear window and the edge of the windshield, it is easy to break.


Many people like to "put" sunglasses on top of their heads, but it is easy to pull the hooks. Care should be taken when the glasses are not worn, and the glasses should be folded when placed and the mirror side up. In order to save trouble, many people put glasses that are not put into the glasses case into the bag or the pocket, which makes it easy for the sunglasses lens to be scratched by the edges of the key or the comb, so that it cannot be taken lightly. In particular, in the hot weather, if the sunglasses are thrown into the dashboard of the car, the sunglasses may be deformed by heat, especially the sunglasses of the acetate frame are almost not resistant to heat. In addition, cosmetic products such as cosmetics, which are easy to discolor or deform the frame, need to be cleaned with glasses cleaning cloth in time.

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