Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you don't have a refurbished 50's vintage inspired cat's eye frame, the modern fascinating look will never be complete.

sunglasses cat eye women


Black cateye sunglasses are now more style than ever. You hear it every year, so this is not only a safe investment, but also your next best fashion move. Audrey Hepburn often wears cat-eye sunglasses, which are not just retro, but a must-have item that is hot or elegant.


Cat eye sunglasses look great on round, square and triangular face shapes, because the shape of the frame balances these features. But they also have many variations and styles, so they are suitable for many other types of faces. Choose sunglasses with sharper edges or oversized frames for upward bending, or glasses frames with thicker frames.

cateye sunglasses for women

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