Why do we need to wear anti-blue glasses?

Anti blue light glasses

What is the Anti blue light glasses? Where the blue light comes from, which blue light is the most terrible? First of all, we must know that the human eye has evolved from millions of years. In the process of evolution, the human eye is most comfortable for the light of nature, and the most suitable light source that does not cause visual fatigue is the sun. For people who use computers or electronic display devices for a long time, there will be sore eyes, dry eyes, eye fatigue, decreased vision, and fundus lesions.

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The anti-blue lens is divided into reflective anti-blue light and absorptive anti-blue light. Reflective anti-blue light is a film that reflects blue light when the lens is added, so that the lens still feels transparent. Absorbing anti-blue light is in the substrate, the lens material absorbs blue light, such a lens has a ground color, very pale yellow. Both of these have advantages, but both have a reduced effect on blue light. The anti-blue lens is not the best defense, it is the best, and it is not the best for all-weather use. The anti-blue lens must first be a qualified optical lens, and must have a certain percentage of anti-blue light effect, and the general anti-blue optical lens is about 30%.

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So anti-blue glasses are very beneficial to protect our eyes.

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