Why do some sunglasses cause dizziness?

Common reasons for wearing dizziness in sunglasses are as follows:


1. Lens color: In the daily environment (such as indoor), the lens is too dark (the visible light transmittance is too low) for a long time, which causes visual fatigue, and severe symptoms such as dizziness and nausea may occur.


2. Frames of sunglasses: for example, the temples are worn too tightly, pressing the temples, causing dizziness, or the wearing of the stilettos of the glasses is caused by discomfort.


3. Lens processing problem: sunglasses lens is not luminosity (except for myopia sunglasses), but if the size of the film during processing is too large, forcibly squeeze into the frame, the lens is under the stress of long-term distortion, the optics of the lens The indicator will therefore exceed the standard. Wearing such a lens can be dizzy and affect vision.


In addition to the above, it is not excluded that some people feel uncomfortable with progressively dyed sunglasses lenses.

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