The “flapper style” and the Sunglasses

In the 1920's, the United States gave birth to a unique pop culture phenomenon “flapper style”: Ladies are dressed in fashionable short hair and wearing short, loose and gorgeous skirts.

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The female costume in the movie "Great Gatsby" is the representative of the flapper style.

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Due to the popularity of short hair styles, the comb market collapsed, and the women's accessories company operated by American Sam Foster faced such threats.


At this time, he found that the injection molding technology used for combs can be used to make sunglasses. So in 1929, sunglasses made from celluloid were first mass produced and sold on the beach in Great West City, New Jersey. Since then, sunglasses have entered the mass consumer group.

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Today, sunglasses are not only a weapon for UV protection, but also a must-have fashion item for everyone in street shooting and concave modeling!

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