Who is not fit to wear sunglasses

First, glaucoma patients. When you wear sunglasses, the visible light into the eye decreases, the pupil will naturally open large. The pupil of this change has no effect on healthy people, but for glaucoma patients, but also increased the eye of the water circulation barrier, easy to induce glaucoma acute attack, there is envy, eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, sharp decline in eyesight and other symptoms.

So, glaucoma patients or suspected glaucoma, do not wear sunglasses.

Second, color blindness patients. Blind people wearing sunglasses do not have much effect.

However, some color blindness patients because only a few colors lack the ability to distinguish, when wearing sunglasses will be more unable to distinguish color.

Third, night blindness patients. Night blindness is caused by a lack of vitamin A, which results in dim light, which can affect vision.

So sunglasses can affect the vision of patients with night blindness.

Iv. patients with optic nerve omental inflammation. Wearing sunglasses can aggravate the optic nerve conduction obstacle in the patients with optic neuritis, and affect the recovery of the disease.

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