Optional Sunglasses for Myopia

Now the market on the sale of sunglasses, generally more for flat, and myopia how to choose sunglasses, Senior mirror with the following recommendations: First, contact lenses are used in conjunction with the sunglasses.

Wear contact lenses to get good corrective vision, and then you can choose your favorite sunglasses.

Second, the use of sunglasses clips or pendants, the folder/hanging in the myopia mirror outside, simple and convenient cost is not high, but the choice of clips can be selected style, color is not much, less beautiful. Third, the use of resin stained lenses, made of myopia sunglasses.

However, tinted glasses are not suitable for indoor wear, it is necessary to prepare other common myopia spectacles. Four is the use of color lenses.

Germany Zeiss, France according to View Road, Japan Hao ya resin or glass color lens, have a good color effect and reliable optical performance, and a pair of glasses can be both indoor and outdoor, very convenient, but the price of lenses more expensive.

Five is equipped with a set of mirrors, that is, in the framework of glasses and the mirror ring is fully consistent with the sunglasses set mirror, fixed by the magnet frame frames, although the aesthetic than the clip greatly improved, but increased the weight of the glasses.

5 Kinds of Program consumers can choose according to their own circumstances. If you have the habit of wearing contact lenses, you can buy the same as the average person without a degree of sunglasses, if you do not wear the habit of contact lenses, you have to be equipped with a degree of lenses alone.

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