What is glasses cleaning fluid?How should it be used?

The glasses cleaning fluid is also called glasses cleaning agent. It is a kind of water-based cleaning agent that is convenient for cleaning glasses lenses and has less damage to the lens coating. Many friends who wear glasses have a small bottle at home, and some glasses shops also use glasses, so it can be said that the small body has a large function

Characteristics of glasses cleaning fluid 

1: Clean and non-marking formula will not produce wiping marks and color bars after lens cleaning.

2: Contains two-way separation factor, fast cleaning effect, spray and wipe.

3: It is rich in translucency factor, deep cleansing, making the lens transmittance high.

4: Anti-static interference, the surface of the lens is not easy to adsorb dust after using this product, and maintain high light transmittance.

5: Significant cleaning effect, fast cleaning of dirt, thorough dissolution of dirt, strong cleaning reaction to stains, dispersive dissolution and removal, can remove 98% of stains in a short time, so that the lens maintains light transmittance.

How to use glasses cleaning fluid

Spray 1-2 times on the lens, wipe gently with a soft paper towel or lens cloth, and dry the water.

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