Are color-changing myopia glasses harmful to the eyes? Principles of color-changing glasses

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For a new type of myopic glasses, we need to understand the principles first. After all, myopic glasses are mainly to help us see the surrounding things, let us see clearly is the most important, others are secondary. Color-changing glasses change color mainly due to the strength of light. Generally, there are several colors such as tea, red, blue, and gray. Objects seen through color-changing myopia glasses will have a lighter brightness, but it will not affect them. The original color is suitable for people who often need to work outdoors.

The color-changing photosensitive glasses will change color only when they are exposed to ultraviolet light, that is, they will change color only when exposed to sunlight. In other cases, they will not change color when indoors, so you can use them with confidence. You can't see anything when the light is getting dark. The indoor color-changing myopia glasses are the same as ordinary myopia glasses, and there is no difference.

You have to know that this is a pair of myopia glasses, which are worn by people with shortsightedness. When a person wears these glasses and walks indoors from sunlight, the sudden changes in light and color give the eyes a feeling of fatigue. For people with high myopia, the ability of eyes to adjust fatigue is relatively weak, so it is recommended that people with high eyesight wear such glasses.

Some color-changing myopia glasses have quality problems. The background color of the color-changing lenses of this type of myopic glasses is heavier. The effect of this is that the background color becomes heavier and heavier after wearing, resulting in a heavier color in the room. Your eyes are becoming less clear, which has caused some damage to your eyes.

Generally speaking, color-changing myopia glasses have a certain effect on human eyes, but as long as the degree of human eyes is not too high, this effect is basically non-existent, and everyone reflects the color-changing myopia glasses that are harmful to the glasses, which refers to that This kind of eyes with quality problems will not exist for more well-known brands. Therefore, if you want to be more fashionable for myopia, you can choose to wear color-changing myopia glasses, but it must be regular, Large eyewear stores buy such glasses.

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