What are the types of sunglasses?


What are the types of sunglasses?

When many friends buy sunglasses, they don't know which type of sunglasses lenses they need. Simply pay attention to the sunglasses brand rankings and choose according to their own preferences. This is very bad. After all, sunglasses are used by the eyes. Eyes, everyone needs to be more caring, so you should know more about sunglasses when choosing sunglasses, and less blindness.

Sunglass lenses can be roughly divided into the following:

First, anti-reflective protective lens

This lens prevents strong light reflections, allowing you to see things undisturbed under bright light and more clearly. The principle of this lens is actually very simple, that is, a layer of magnesium fluoride is applied to the surface. If you want to know if your sunglasses are anti-reflective lenses, you can align the glasses with the light source. When you see a purple or green reflection, it means that there is an anti-reflective protective film on the lens.

Second, color lenses

This type of lens is also called "stained lens". Sunglasses using this lens can absorb light of a specific wavelength. The principle is to add some chemicals in the lens making process to make the lens appear color. This type of lens is the most commonly used for sunglasses.

Third, coloring lenses

This kind of lens is actually the same as the color lens, but this kind of lens is generally used in sunglasses with a degree. The most familiar one is the "gradual color coating lens", the color is from top to bottom. From deep to shallow.

Fourth, polarized lenses

The term polarized light is used a lot in sunglasses, but many people don't understand the specific meaning. In fact, this lens is used to filter the glare of the sun shining in the same direction, adding a vertical special coating to the lens. It is ideal for outdoor sports such as sea activities, skiing or fishing.

Five, color lens

There is also a name called "photosensitive lens." Originally transparent and colorless lenses, when exposed to strong light, they will become colored lenses to protect the eyes. This is because the chemical substances of silver halide are added to this type of lens, so they need to be used indoors and outdoors. It is very suitable.

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