Three elements make a pair of good glasses

10 fundamental colors

As far as the frames themselves are concerned, there are three main factors: material, process details and design.

Materials are mainly divided into metal, plastic and other materials. The preferred material for the metal is titanium, which is pure titanium, B titanium or titanium alloy. The advantage of titanium is that it is lighter, has good stability, and is not easily oxidized. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to solder after the solder joint breaks. Some other metal glasses are also good, mostly made of stainless steel, and then processed after plating.

Common in plastics is the plate. This material is heavy, has a texture, shows temperament, good color and is not easy to peel. The disadvantage is that the metal hinge is easily damaged by external force. Another common plastic material is the TR90. We have seen many glasses that look so light and dazzling in Korean dramas are such materials, but the TR90 is easy to peel and break. Other materials include wood, bamboo, etc., but not the mainstream.

The details of the process can be heard whether the sound of the hinge opening and closing is smooth, the finish of the frame, the uniformity of the plating appearance, the LOGO is the engraving or the silk screen. If you feel that you will not be identified, you can go to a professional eye hospital to choose a brand frame.

Design, including brand concept, style, style and color, each series interprets different styles, which can be selected according to their personality, temperament and dress style.

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