Principle of radiation protection glasses

radiation protection glasses

Radiation-proof protective glasses are used to protect against eye damage caused by excessive ultraviolet rays and other radiation. The lens is made of special glass that reflects or absorbs radiation but transmits some visible light. The lens is coated with a bright chrome, nickel, mercury or silver metal film that reflects the radiation; the blue lens absorbs the infrared light, the yellow-green lens absorbs both the ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the colorless lead-containing lens absorbs the X-rays and gamma rays. For example, the common welding glasses have relatively low requirements on the transmittance of the lens, so the color of the lens is mostly based on ink color; laser protective glasses, as the name suggests, can prevent the laser from radiating to the glasses, so the requirements for the lens are very high, such as The choice of light source, attenuation rate, photoreaction time, optical density, light transmission effect, etc., different nanometer (nm) lasers need to use different wavelengths of lenses.

Radiation protection glasses features

1. The lens is a flat mirror with no side effects on vision. It is made of high-tech vacuum ion plating film in the world and can block electromagnetic wave rays 100%.

2, the lens contains anti-radiation substances, has the ability to absorb low-frequency radiation microwaves, eliminate the potential fever, headache, fatigue, dryness and other adverse symptoms caused by electromagnetic radiation.

3, different penetration and absorption functions for different light, anti-reflection, anti-glare, users clearly feel clear and natural after wearing.

4, especially suitable for computer workers, watching TV, playing video games, etc., can effectively prevent harmful light from damaging the eyes, and keep your eyesight healthy.

How to identify radiation protection glasses

1. Since the surface of the radiation protection lens is coated with a layer of colored radiation protection film, the film layer has blue, green, gold color and the like. The anti-radiation effect of the blue-green coating layer belongs to the common anti-radiation film layer, which can reach 50% according to the national inspection. The high anti-gold film layer is made of special silver oxide element, which can reach 90% according to the national detection effect.

2. Wear it on the spot to see the computer and see how it feels different. For example, if you don't wear any radiation-proof glasses to look at the computer, you will feel that the display is particularly glaring and slightly beating. If you wear anti-radiation glasses, you will obviously feel clear and natural.

If you look at things like mobile phones and computers for a long time, you will definitely feel sore and tired. So we need radiation protection glasses for us.

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