The more glasses you wear, the faster the degree will rise?

Many people have such misunderstandings about myopia, and think that wearing glasses will make myopia deeper. In fact, it is not the case that glasses with appropriate numbers can effectively control the development of myopia. Studies have shown that the decline in vision is mainly related to reasons such as inadvertent use of eye hygiene, inappropriate degree of glasses worn, and the like, and has nothing to do with long-term wear.

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Then, do myopia need to wear glasses often?


This problem cannot be "one size fits all" and should be determined according to the needs of myopia patients' work and study, the degree of diopter, and the working environment of the patient. Generally divided into the following situations:


1. Adolescents with mild myopia, because of the usual use of more eyes, ciliary muscles are unstable, whether you look far or near should wear glasses.

2. Adults with mild myopia (less than x3.0), non-close-range workers, do not wear glasses when looking near, watch glasses (such as watching movies) to wear glasses.

3. Moderate myopia (x3.0 ~ x6.0) and patients with astigmatism, whether you look at the distance, you should always wear glasses. Otherwise, because of the infrequent wearing of the mirror, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, and the degree of myopia continues to deepen.

4. High myopia (x6.0 or more) patients, with or without astigmatism, should always wear glasses.

5. Astigmatism (x1.0 or more) patients, in principle, should always wear glasses.

6. Mild hyperopia (less than x3.0), and patients with obvious visual fatigue, you can wear glasses when you are near, do not wear glasses when you look far.

7. Medium-high degree of hyperopia (x3.0 or more), whether you look at the distance, you should always wear glasses.

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It can be seen that if a patient with myopia wears a pair of suitable glasses after standard optometry, wearing it often does not make the degree of myopia deeper. However, myopia patients who wear glasses do not mean to enter the "safety cabinet" is safe, if you do not pay attention to eye health and scientific use of the eye, or even borrow other people's glasses to wear, then myopia will continue to deepen. In addition, some myopia is hereditary and progressive.


Therefore, if you want to get out of the glasses and get insurance, you can not pay attention to the misunderstanding of eye hygiene; you must also get out of myopia, the more glasses wear, the faster the degree will rise. All in all, it is undoubted that the correctness of wearing glasses for myopia patients is better than not wearing glasses. Wearing glasses with appropriate degrees, myopia is relatively stable. If you don't pay attention to wearing glasses or wearing glasses with inappropriate myopia, the myopia will rise faster.

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