Do you know how many sunglasses lenses are there?

In general, sunglasses lens can be divided into the following three categories:

1. Tinted lens. This may be the most common and relatively low price at present, and the common colors are gray, green, brown, brown and so on. The color of the lens determines which parts of the spectrum the lens absorbs. But overall, the functional difference is not very big, you can choose according to your favorite color. If it is difficult to choose, then simply choose gray, because gray is a good general color, while reducing the brightness of the light, the color distortion is relatively small.

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2. Color-changing lens (photochromic lens) mainly relies on the photosensitive substance in the lens to react with ultraviolet light to produce a color change. When the lens is indoors, it is colorless. When it is exposed to ultraviolet light outdoors, the color will be deepened and can be automatically changed. Generally, it can be changed to brown or gray. The biggest advantage of the color-changing lens is that it only needs to wear the same pair of glasses indoors and outdoors, which is very convenient for the people who need to wear glasses.

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3. Polarized lenses, in simple terms, the use of light vibration and propagation is directional. When the polarizing lens is fixed at an angle, only the light at this angle can pass through the lens, and other glare caused by various factors such as scattering, flexing, and reflection will be filtered out, thereby reducing glare and blocking ultraviolet rays, to improve visual quality. Polarized lenses are currently recognized as the most suitable lenses for driving. Others such as cycling, skiing, fishing and other outdoor activities are also suitable for wearing polarized lenses.

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