The maintenance of glasses

1, a single hand to wear will destroy the mirror frame left and right balance, resulting in deformation, we suggest that both hands hold the mirror legs along the cheek side of the parallel direction of the pick.

2, take the general first folding left mirror leg, not easy to cause frame deformation.

3, the proposal water rinse glasses and paper towels to absorb dry moisture, and then use special glasses cloth test wipe, need to hold on the side of the wiping mirror frame side wire, gently wipe the lens, to avoid excessive force caused by the frame or lens damage.

4, do not wear glasses, please use glasses cloth bag put into glasses box. If the temporary placement, please put the convex face up, otherwise easy to wear flower lenses.

At the same time, glasses should avoid with insect-proofing agents, toilet cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, drugs and other corrosive substances contact, to avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (more than 60 ℃) placed, otherwise easy to cause lenses, mirror frame deterioration, metamorphism, discoloration and so on.

5, regular to professional shop for plastic adjustment, frame deformation will give the nose and ears burden, lenses are easy to loose. 6, do not use the glasses in the intense movement, avoids the intense impact to cause the lens to break, causes the eye and the facial damage; Do not use wear lenses to prevent the light from scattered color caused by the loss of eyesight; Do not look directly at the sun or glare, so that your eyes are hurt.

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