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Flymoon has developed and produced several biodegradable sunglasses:

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What's natural straw biodegradable material?


Stalk composite material is a new type of green environmental protection composite material which is made up of natural renewable plant fiber such as straw and rice husk and special resin from molecular resin. It has similar properties to ordinary thermoplastics and is suitable for all kinds of plastic processing.



What are characteristics of natural straw biodegradable material?


1. Green And Environmental Protection: The straw content is over 40%. It has passed the German DIN Biomass Material Certification and reached the European Union's one-star standard for biological materials. Reduce the consumption of petroleum resources and reduce the air pollution caused by straw burning: low-carbon environmental protection, and can also be recycled.


2. Excellent Performance: its performance is close to the traditional polymer resin, the strength is moderate, the hand feels comfortable, the appearance shows the natural order fiber texture, the sense of natural affinity.


3. Safe and Non-Toxic: no harmful substances such as bisphenol A, phthalate plasticizer, heavy metal, etc. The raw materials are tested by the US FDA, and the products are safe and reliable.


Environmental qualification certificate:

1)  US FDA food and drug safety certification;

2)  German LFGB European Food Safety Certification;

3)  ROHS ten latest SGS reports;

4)  Toy materials 19 large heavy metals do not exceed the standard test report;

5)  No bisphenol A test report (no BPA)


Promotion and application of straw composite materials:


1)  After the material is molded, the shelf life is 36-60 months. Please keep it dry and moisture proof.

2)  Applicable 1.5mm wall thickness injection molding products, widely used daily necessities, tableware dishes, chopsticks, spoons and spoons, cosmetics, toys and other fast consumables.

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