The function of the glasses

From the function of the lens, it has the ability to adjust the amount of light to enter the eyes, increase eyesight, protect eye safety and clinical treatment of eye disease. For children with strabismus caused by refractive abnormality and refractive abnormality with headache, they can be treated after wearing glasses. And the function of the spectacle frame, in addition to it is eyeglasses to make up the lens to wear on the person's eye to play the role of the stent, it also has beauty, adornment sex.

Modern people stressed that glasses to have with the times of the facial makeup and costumes of harmony, reflecting the high level of social class, learning and elegant, fashion and so on symbol. With the rapid development of social technology, with the continuous improvement of people's culture and living standard, the development of eyesight health work, glasses will play an important role in the field of people's life. "Experts say, the mirror for many people is also a" just need to ", so they will not because of certain remarks on the total abandonment of surgery, on the contrary, will spend more energy to study, to find solutions. Mr. Sun, 27, plans to go back to Nanjing after the year to do the surgery, but Chai Ruifang  "seal knife " News to him blow, Mr. Sun has been concerned about the development of things until later Chai Ruifang himself out to explain  "was misunderstood, do not continue to do LASIK is not because of the potential danger of LASIK or problem, But there are other considerations. LASIK is currently the most safe and effective myopia surgery, can be very accurate to correct the degree of myopia, Mr. Sun more determined to operate his determination.

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