Resin eyeglass lens maintenance method


Nowadays, most of myopia lenses are lenses that are chemically synthesized using resin as a raw material and processed and polished. Compared with previous glass lenses, the advantages of resin lenses are light, strong impact resistance, good light transmission, low cost, and can meet Some special processing needs, and can be polished twice. However, the disadvantages are that the lens surface is less resistant to abrasion and chemical corrosion than glass and deforms, and the film layer is easy to fall off. So how to reasonably maintain the resin lens in the usual use to extend the service life? You also need to do the following.

1. When the glasses are not in use, pay attention to avoid contact between the convex surface of the lens and hard objects, reducing the chance of physical scratches. Put it in or put it in the glasses case.

2. Do not dry the lens surface after it is dirty. It is best to rinse it with water. If there is oil, use lens cleaning solution or detergent to clean it. After cleaning, wipe the lens with a cloth. 2 pieces of mirror cloth, so wipe the lens with another lens cloth to get the best cleaning effect.

3. To clean the lens, use a special lens cloth or lens paper, and avoid using other materials such as clothes and toilet paper.

4. Avoid contact with corrosive liquids.

5. The film layer on the resin lens is afraid of high temperature. Try not to wear glasses when sauna or using a hair dryer. Remember not to put the glasses in an unmanned car in summer. The high temperature in the car will cause the lens film layer to burst and fall off.

If the lens is well maintained during use, the service life is very long. If the eye power does not change, a pair of lenses can be used for more than 3 years. However, if the lens wear is serious, it is better to replace a pair of lenses, otherwise The blur of the lens is likely to affect vision and accelerate vision loss. The peeling of the film layer will lead to the loss of lens function and hinder eye health.

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