How to prevent blue light to reduce its damage to the eyes?

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1. Reasonable and correct use of electronic products

The electron itself has blue light damage, and using the mobile phone for a long time will cause radiation and cause visual fatigue. If you can't leave your computer phone during working hours during the day, you should use it as little as possible after work. Especially at night, when you look at things in the dark, the pupils will be magnified much more than normal, which is easy to cause glaucoma. If the degree of myopia is above 600 degrees (high myopia), use the eye to pay more attention. After the lights are turned off late, go to sleep early, try to put the phone off at your own place, reduce the radiation damage to yourself, and get rid of the mobile phone "dependency." Normally, when surfing the Internet and watching TV, the brightness will be lowered and the color temperature will be warmed.

2. Appropriate selection of anti-blue light products

Since it can produce blue light, it must be able to resist blue light by physical means. For example, attach a Blu-ray-resistant film to a mobile phone, and purchase an anti-Blu-ray desk lamp.

3. Do not often carry out outdoor activities under the sun

The sun contains blue light. When the light is strong, the blue light is also strong, which is more likely to cause damage to the body.

4. From the adjustment of diet structure to enhance the body's immunity

Choose more ingredients containing lutein, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise more, rest more.

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