How to buy myopia sports glasses?

Cycling sunglasses

How do people with myopia choose sports glasses?

First, contact lenses + ordinary sports glasses

This is the solution that most people will choose. Because it is simple, the choice of glasses style is wide, and a cheap treasure can be bought for dozens of yuan, and it is also a variety of color lenses that can be replaced, and thousands of foreign high-end brands are also A lot, completely look at your own economic strength. However, the weakness of this solution is that it is only suitable for short-distance running, hiking, cycling, etc., because contact lenses wear a long time, it will bring a variety of hazards.

Including: 1. Long-term airtightness causes eyeball hypoxia, can not be normally metabolized, and the resistance is reduced; 2. It is easy to cause visual fatigue, and even cause dry eye syndrome, causing itchy eyes, foreign body sensation, multiple eyelids, dryness, eye burning And the object is blurred; 3. The various substances secreted by the glasses are deposited on the surface of the lens, which can cause pathogenic bacteria, causing corneal edema, corneal neovascularization and allergic reactions, etc. 4. Will wear the cornea, which may cause serious damage to the corneal epithelium or perforation. Consequences, causing irreversible vision loss; 5. Long-term attachment to the eyeball, paralysis of the nerve endings, leading to corneal sensation, many people with ulcerative keratitis are still unaware; 6. Sand or sweat into the glasses during exercise The kind of sour people who only experienced it will understand. Therefore, for the health of the eyes, and for the eyes we can be more comfortable when exercising, or to wear contact lenses as little as possible.

Second, the inner frame myopia frame of sports glasses

The advantage of this program is that the price range is also very wide. A treasure can find many choices, as low as 100 yuan. The high-end brands also have some styles that can be matched with the inner frame of the inner frame. After buying the frame, you can The nearby optical shop prepares myopia lenses, which can be selected according to the needs of the contact lens or the inner frame.

Third, the anti-wind lens of myopia sports glasses

The principle is very simple, equivalent to the first pair of myopia glasses, and then the outer layer is installed with a flapable windproof lens, just like the sunglasses clips that we usually see on myopia glasses, but this is a sports version.

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