How to maintain glasses lens?

Pay attention to high temperature and low temperature


In addition to proper daily maintenance of the glasses, it is also important to treat the glasses correctly. This seems to be very obvious, but here again we emphasize: Never put the spectacle lens face down. Instead, fold the glasses down so that the lenses don't touch the hard surface directly. In order to avoid the trouble of looking for glasses everywhere, it is recommended to develop the habit of putting glasses in the same place. Then you can find them easily. It is worth mentioning that seats, chairs and sofas are completely unsuitable for glasses. Because I accidentally sat on the glasses.


If you are not going to wear glasses for a long time, for example at night, it is best to put the glasses in a suitable eyeglass case. This advice is especially for people who have a dog. You will find that your four-legged friend likes to bite frames and even lenses. The result will not only be annoying to you; it will also be dangerous for your dog.


Another external condition that glasses and spectacle lenses do not like at all is high temperatures. So, whether it's summer or winter, never put your glasses in the sun. In particular, avoid placing glasses on the dashboard of the car. The radiator is also not good for the glasses. If you go to the sauna, it is best not to wear glasses. The colder months of the year can also cause damage to the glasses, so it is best not to leave the glasses in the car all night in winter.


Microfiber glasses cloth


For daily maintenance of glasses, be sure to use only glasses cloth made of microfiber. This type of eyeglass cloth can be obtained from a professional optical shop. Dust and dirt can stick to the cloth. This process is called dry cleaning and removes dirt and dust particles and can be done at any time, even on the road. If the ophthalmic lens is more dirty, the first step should be to clean the ophthalmic lens in warm water. A single wash can make the cleaning process more efficient. But be careful: don't use oily soap. Oily deposits can remain on the ophthalmic lens, causing annoying oil stains. Lens cleaning sprays from eye care professionals are also very effective. After cleaning with a spray, the lens can be wiped dry with a pair of glasses.

glasses cleaning cloth.jpg


Your clothes are not equal to glasses cloth


Contact lenses with T-shirts, sweaters and other textiles will not produce any good results. Therefore, even the easiest and most convenient choice, wiping glasses with clothes is never a good idea. The risk of scratches on the ophthalmic lens is too high. As a result, scratches cannot be removed from the lens. Therefore, the damage caused on the lens will be permanent.


From time to time you can go to a professional optical shop to clean your glasses, which is very helpful. Professional optical shops have specialized equipment that can be used to thoroughly and gently clean the glasses. The most important of these is the ultrasonic cleaner. During this process, the glasses are placed in a special container. Ultrasonic vibrations can be used to clean the glasses very effectively within a few minutes. This process not only cleans the lens, but also cleans the frame. There are already devices for home use. If you want to buy, it is best to go to a professional store to listen to expert advice. This is because the glasses can only be optimally cleaned when run at very high vibration frequencies.

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