Healthy eyes? Choose light lens sunglasses

An expert in ophthalmology said that in the clinic, she often encountered patients who wore sunglasses and were afraid of light. Most of them chose red, green and green sunglasses, which are contrary to the light colors advocated by medicine. In fact, brown, light green, etc. are the colors that benefit the eyes.


Wearing too dark glasses will make the eyes in the darkroom environment. The pupils will automatically expand in the dark environment. The long-term enlargement of the pupils may cause glaucoma and other diseases. Inferior sunglasses will also cause more ultraviolet rays to penetrate the eyes, which may cause sunlight. Sexual keratitis, corneal endothelial damage, eyeball macular discoloration and other diseases; darker glasses make the eye's ability to distinguish color, easy to appear color confusion, resulting in traffic accidents.


When buying sunglasses, be sure to pay attention to the lens, tag, color and UV index of the product. Each regular qualified product has a certificate of quality inspection, and the manufacturer should be required to show relevant proof at the time of purchase. The tag on the sunglasses is the product's "identity card", which indicates the origin of the glasses, and also hides a lot of useful information, such as whether the glasses you buy are sunglasses or light-colored mirrors, resin lenses or other materials... This should not be ignored.


To protect against UV rays, it is best to buy sunglasses that are really shaded, such as light gray, light green, and blue-gray, because these relatively soft colors don't change color when you look at nature. For sunglasses, the UV index is an important criterion for filtering UV light. At present, most sunglasses have a UV index between 96 and 98%, and dark lenses are better than light lenses.

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