How to choose sunglasses size?

Oversized sunglasses

When buying online, we will see some data references about glasses. In fact, these data are a simple description of the basic size of the product. Just like we buy a dress, they all have a certain size. For the size of sunglasses, many people don't know much about it. Let's take a look at the size of the sunglasses.

The sunglasses are the same size as the frames and are designed to meet standard specifications. The size of the sunglasses is marked on the temples, bridge of the nose or on the label for reference selection. For example: 53 □ 16-130, indicating that the frame size is 53mm, the nose bridge size is 16mm, and the temple size is 130mm. 

When choosing sunglasses, if you don't know the size, you can refer to the size indicated above. Generally, when you are on the Internet, there are pictures. The numbers on the above are clearly indicated. You can refer to the above pictures or use them. The ruler measures the approximate data that has been obtained with the glasses, or the size of the sunglasses that were previously purchased.

If you don't know the size, the easiest way is to try on it when you are in a physical store. The feeling of wearing can be a good indication of whether the size is suitable for you. And when you wear it, you can look in the mirror, whether this sunglasses fits your personal face, and you can do it in one fell swoop.

In general, the size of European and American sunglasses is larger than the size of Asians sunglasses. If it is designed for Asians, the size is more suitable for Asians. When buying sunglasses, in addition to focusing on size, styles need to pay attention to quality, only high-quality sunglasses have a good anti-UV effect.

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