How to choose riding glasses How to choose outdoor riding glasses?

Sports sunglasses

1, according to the face type

In the choice of the shape of the riding glasses, each person also has their own advantages, different face types have different requirements for different shapes of frames. Remember the principle of complementarity - round face with square, square face with ellipse.

- Square face: Large aviator glasses can be used to modify the prominent chin line;

- Round face: suitable for the frame is slightly thicker, the lens color is colder, the color is darker, and the visual effect of shrinking the face.

- Long face: Should choose flat round or curved lens, slender proportion, visually give a sense of coordination.

- Melon face: Suitable for all kinds of sunglasses, choose to make you feel full of heart.

- Small face type is suitable for wearing thin or frameless glasses, and choosing a light lens will have an unexpected effect.

2, wearing comfort

The choice of cycling glasses must first consider comfort. This is related to the texture, size and weight of the glasses. The comfortable glasses can cover the eyes more comprehensively, preventing external light from interfering with the line of sight. Professional cycling glasses generally use non-slip materials in the nose pads to ensure stability during strenuous exercise. In addition, in recent years, most of the riding glasses design will add extra vents to reduce lens atomization and increase the comfort during use.

3, lens color

The choice of riding glasses requires consideration of the lens's ability to filter and protect against harmful light, while different lenses absorb and filter different light effects. Therefore, when you choose to wear glasses, you also need to consider your usual riding environment and make different choices for different environments.

- Black lenses are suitable for strong light, such as use in noon light, which can be effective for UV protection, glare removal and harmful light.

- Purple lenses reduce the amount of visible light into the eye without affecting the clarity of the vision.

- Blue lenses are suitable for use in foggy weather or in low visibility weather.

- The red-orange lens is the best overall and can make the surrounding terrain extraordinarily clear.

- Yellow lenses are suitable for use in dimly lit conditions and at night, increasing contrast by increasing contrast.

- Colorless lenses are ideal for foggy or gray weather, and are more used to block wind and rain, reducing the chance of conjunctivitis in the eyes.

-The rhodium-plated reflective lens is essential for high altitude riding. It is used in areas with strong light and strong ultraviolet rays in snow or plateau.

- The color-changing lens automatically changes color according to the ambient color temperature to suit the use of different environments.

4, lens material

The material of the riding glasses must be flexible, resistant to pressure and impact, so that if you fall during cycling, you will not hurt your eyes because of broken glasses. In general, resin-coated lenses have good elasticity and strength, are light in texture, and are very comfortable to wear. Glass-type lenses are absolutely forbidden in the manufacture of cycling glasses.

Cycling glasses also need to have a good anti-ultraviolet effect, in order to play a very good protection, the lens needs to be able to filter some stray light that is harmful to the eyes. Look at the quality of the lens can shake it in front of the eyes, if the object and the lens move together, it means that the mirror is not flat, not a good lens.

5, frame design

The frame selection requires softness, elasticity, and impact resistance, and the face can be safely protected from damage during exercise. The veneer of the frame allows the eye to fit snugly against the edge of the frame, preventing the strong wind from irritating the eye during rapid movement.

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