How to buy sunglasses

1 Frame-Sunglasses The frame is enough fashion, beautiful enough, often are the first to consider when buying. A pair of fashionable and exquisite sunglasses, not only be loved, but also the more flattering to consumers of all ages. But must not be some flashy fashion frame to confuse, for the frame must personally wear some, see whether comfortable, this is the most critical. Some of the beautiful frame is not used, often wear is not how comfortable, long-term wear will appear two eyes sour, dizziness nausea feeling. And some "plain-looking" frames are often the most suitable for long-term wear.

2 Lenses-according to the Austrian supermarket in the sun-mirror Tatsu people understand that the choice of sunglasses, we must pay more attention to whether the sunglasses are high quality lenses. Of course, the most effective and easy to operate the difference is in the light bulb irradiation, with the naked eye to observe whether there is steam, bubbles and lenses on a variety of residual defects, defects and so on.

This is not easy to detect when wearing, but it is to determine whether it is a high quality sunglasses important parameters, this point, sunglasses sunglasses lenses are still doing pretty good.

3 Experience-This is very important, often shopkeepers like to let customers in the glasses shop to try, but this will cover up a lot of "actual combat" in the deficiencies encountered. Small part of the proposal in the purchase of sunglasses, not only to wear in the shop, and observe color, object visual sense is good, but also to go outdoors, in the sun strong exposure to observe the effect or not. This kind of actual combat, smaller than the limitation of the trial wear often will play a better effect. It is also an important basis to test the quality of sunglasses lenses.

4 Color-now the market of sunglasses lens color is often more, except cool, personality and other factors, general blue, green, gray and other sunglasses often on the object observation is not too will appear a larger color phenomenon. Therefore, do not want to find wearing sunglasses and do not wear sunglasses appear to judge if two things embarrassing phenomenon, you can consider the above several colors.

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