Different Quality Sunglasses Lenses

Each lens material has its own merits and cannot be easily distinguished by "good or bad".


For example, although the glass lens is wear-resistant and has good optical properties, the use of the lens is gradually reduced because of the heavy weight of the lens.


Resin lenses (such as CR39 material) are easy to color, light and impact resistant, and become one of the mainstream materials for fashion sunglasses; however, resin lenses are prone to chipping during the cutting process, and they will still break when they encounter huge impact.

sunglasses lens factory.jpg


This point, PC lens is better than resin lens, it is characterized by lightness, good coloring performance, stronger impact resistance, and the disadvantage is low wear resistance.


TAC sunglasses lenses are widely used in China. TAC (Triacetyl Cellulose) is one of the better light-transmitting polymer materials. TAC as a sunglass lens has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, light weight, high cost performance, etc., but poor wear resistance has become a weakness of TAC lenses.

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Nylon sunglasses are used in the production of sports sunglasses. They have high elasticity and excellent optical quality. They are extremely resistant to impact and have professional protective functions. However, the production cost is high.

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