Different Lens Materials of Sunglasses

1. Plastic lenses

This is a material that many sunglasses brands like very much. It is the most obvious feature of lightweight and non-breakable. The anti-ultraviolet function of plastic lenses without any treatment is obviously better than that of glass lenses, and the plastic lenses are more simple in color processing. . The disadvantage of the plastic lens is its wear resistance, which is easier to scratch, and the lens is easily deformed when it is hit, so it is more careful to maintain it.


There are three main types of plastic lens materials, namely, resin lenses, PC lenses, and acrylic lenses.


2. Glass lens

Glass lenses are often touched by us. The most outstanding advantage of glass lenses is that their optical properties are very stable. This is the consistent advantage of glass lenses. It is also the same on frame glasses, and the glass lenses are not easily deformed. Under the pressure of the framework. The disadvantage of glass lenses is that they are easily broken and breakage can cause damage to the eyes. The newly developed tempered glass lens is more prominent than ordinary glass lenses and is also considered a safety lens.


3. Polarized lenses

This is a lens used on polarized sunglasses. Using the principle of polarization of light, the glare from all sides is blocked outside the lens, which makes the line of sight clearer and safer when driving. In 1937, Dr. Edwinland invented the lens, which was later widely used in polarized sunglasses. He also used his potential to create his own Polaroid company.


4. Color lens

Also called photosensitive lens, the color of the lens changes correspondingly due to the change of light, so that the eye can adapt to different environments. Under strong light, the color of the color changing lens will be deepened, and the color of the lens will automatically become lighter under the light. . This type of lens has been used in myopia sunglasses. This type of lens in the form of a color lens is also considered to be the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing short-sighted sunglasses, which is more popular than the clip-on type.

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