Colorblind glasses application recommendations

1. Using color blind glasses should start with children

Color discrimination ability is cultivated from an early age. If color-blind children can wear color-blind glasses from an early age, they will have the opportunity to correctly recognize the color from an early age. This is beneficial for cultivating color recognition ability after growing up. In addition, the color is touched from a young age, and over time, through memory. When you grow up, your ability to identify colors will be greatly enhanced.


2. Color blind patients with poor eyesight should also wear colorblind glasses

Color blindness and visual acuity are not necessarily related, but some color blind patients have different choices if they have poor eyesight, color blindness, and myopia or hyperopia.

1) You can wear color blind glasses with vision correction

2) Wear a pair of normal vision correction glasses, and then put a pair of flat color blind lenses on the outside of the glasses.

3) First, wear a contact lens with vision correction degree, and wear a pair of flat light color blind glasses outside.

Of course, in the above method, the colorblind glasses combined with the vision correction eyeglasses (2 in 1) is the most simple and convenient.


3. A multi-purpose glasses

In addition to correcting color blindness, color blind glasses also have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays and electromagnetic waves. The outer viewing is very similar to light-colored sunglasses. Therefore, color blind glasses can be used in different occasions to play a multi-purpose function, which can correct color blindness also block ultraviolet rays and computer radiation.

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