Why Is The Eye An Important Line Of Defense Against New Coronavirus Invasions?

Why is the eye an important line of defense against new coronavirus invasions?

Once the virus sticks to the conjunctiva of the eye, it is very easy to penetrate the mucous membrane from the conjunctiva and then run into the blood vessels. Congestion occurs due to local inflammation, causing the eye to become slightly inflamed, like redness as an allergy; the virus then follows the blood Circulate to whole body organs and tissues.

Sister Yunjing advised everyone to prevent infectious diseases such as pneumonia and influenza. In addition to wearing a mask to prevent the disease from entering the nose and mouth, don't forget to wash your hands frequently, don't touch the eyes and nose, and change to ordinary glasses. Great way to spread disease. Maintain good respiratory hygiene: cover your mouth and nose with tissue paper, handkerchiefs, or upper arms for coughing or sneezing; it is recommended that people with cold symptoms wear masks.

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