What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Polarized Sunglasses Regularly?

UV damage to the human body is “accumulative” and the longer it is exposed to the sun, the greater the damage from UV rays. There is a statistical report in the United States shows that 80% of the ultraviolet rays exposed by a person during their lifetime are accumulated under the sun before the age of 18, so avoiding the damage of ultraviolet rays must be started from an early age.


To avoid eye damage caused by ultraviolet rays, it is of course necessary to minimize exposure to strong sunlight, especially between 10 am and 2 pm, during which time the sun shines directly on the surface of the earth, with the highest UV intensity. In particular, ultraviolet rays that are reflected through concrete, snow, sand or water are among the most powerful, causing the greatest damage to the eyes, but they are the most easily overlooked. Therefore, if you want to be active in these places for a long time, remember to wear appropriate polarized sunglasses.


Note: It is best to confirm that the lens can effectively block more than 99% of ultraviolet light (including UV A and UV B), and at the same time have polarized properties.

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