Types Of Sunglasses Hinges

Types of Sunglasses Hinges Barrel Hinges The most common type of hinges you will encounter are Barrel hinges. These hinges work similarly to door hinges and are one of the oldest types of hinges found on glasses. Standard hinges are made up of barrels that fit into each other like a zipper with a small screw that slides into the middle to keep the barrels in place. This allows the temples to move in and out while still keeping them firmly attached to the frame front. Flex Hinges The second most common type of hinges that you will encounter are Spring Hinges (or “flex hinges”). These hinges are equipped with a small spring that affords the arms a greater range of movement and does not limit them to the traditional, 90 degree angle. These hinges provide greater comfort for the wearer and are more able to withstand everyday use.

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