Three Ways To Protect Your Sunglasses

There are three main ways to protect sunglasses: dyeing, discoloration, and polarization. 

1, dyed sunglasses: can reduce light transmission, and dyeing can be fashionable, so it is the most basic method, but also the young people's favorite choice. Such lenses are generally cheaper and can be used on many glasses, and the additional cost is not high.

2. Color-changing sunglasses: The future use of a pair of lenses is a trend that does not require replacement indoors and outdoors and can be used for lenses of different degrees. The price is also higher. It is also a high-end crowd choice, but it is not suitable for the elderly because it reduces the recognition of indoor objects, especially cataract patients. If you need frequent indoor and outdoor work, you can recommend it to people in their 40s who are energetic.

3, polarized sunglasses: is a cost-effective sunglasses, through the polarization of filtering, so that the intensity of astigmatism is reduced, see things relatively dazzling, clear, mature technology, prices from low to high. This is also the most professional way.

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