Things To Watch Out For When Buying Sunglasses

The CE mark is very important. This mark guarantees that the product provides at least a basic standard of protection. The EU Directive stipulates that the relevant protection standards are at least 380 nm. However, at this level, 78% of the radiation is still absorbed by the eyes. Therefore, the ophthalmic lens should provide broad-spectrum UV protection above 380 nm. Only lenses of this level of protection can filter out dangerous ultraviolet light waves as much as possible. Sunglasses should be large enough to fit the size and shape of the face. This is the only way to prevent light from entering the eye from the side or above. Absorption factors play a particularly important role. It needs to be high enough. The degree of darkness required for an ophthalmic lens depends on personal preference, as well as the scope of application of the sunglasses, the circumstances in which it is worn, the type of exercise, and other factors. Optometrists can provide advice in this regard. It is recommended to buy sunglasses at a professional optical shop. Random examples have repeatedly shown that glasses sold by small vendors have forged quality marks that can cause health damage.

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