Sunglasses Are The Communication “killer”

Sunglasses are cool fashion items that are good at preventing the glare of the sun. Everyone knows that sunglasses are an important way to protect our eyes from strong sunlight. However, sunglasses really hinder communication, for example in important conversations. Our conversations can no longer get the exact signal from eye contact and our eye expressions. It is possible that the other partner in our conversation will feel so uncomfortable. Tip: For important conversations, go back to the shade and put the sunglasses on your forehead or put them back in the case.


But what if you don't carry "ordinary" glasses with you? We have something to help. For those who need to use glasses all the time and don't want to carry two pairs of glasses, photochromic lenses can help. Such spectacle lenses can vary back and forth between transparent lenses and color changing lenses faster than before.

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