Sunglass Lens Color Selection Advice

In hot summer, more and more people will wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. Some people think that the deeper the lens, the better, but not the case. The ophthalmologists pointed out that different lens colors have different visual perceptions and applicability, and should be selected according to individual needs.


1. Gray

Uniform absorption of wavelengths of various colors, it does not affect color perception.


2. Dark green

Similar to the gray effect, it can absorb red and blue light, but it has a great influence on color perception, and people with weak color are not suitable.


3. Brown

Better absorption of blue light, brown lens can increase the contrast between the sky and the ground object, soften the vision, help people with red weakness, but it will worsen the vision of green weak people.


4. Yellow

It can block harmful blue light and has high contrast sensitivity. It can keep the line of sight clear in fast motion, but it will affect the discrimination of night vision and traffic signs.


5. Blue

Blue-ray will drive directly into the eyes and is not recommended.


6. Red

Increase contrast for environments, red lens suit for environment exposed to strong sunlight, such as skiing.

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