Stained Lenses

The color of the sunglasses lens determines which parts of the lens can be light in the absorption spectrum.

The manufacturer uses different colors to produce a specific use effect. 

1, Gray is a good general color, in reducing the brightness of the same time, its color distortion is minimal.

Grey lenses provide glare protection, making it ideal for driving and general use.

2, yellow or gold lenses can reduce the blue light, but also allow more other frequencies to pass through the lens. Because Blu-ray bounces off and disperses a lot of light, it can produce a glare effect called the blue Haze. In fact, Yellow removes the blue portion of the spectrum, which makes all objects appear bright and clear. This is why anti-snow blindness sunglasses are generally yellow reasons. This kind of color will make the color perception a bit distorted, so this kind of color sunglasses is not suitable for those who need to accurately identify the color of the activity.

3, Amber and Brown is also a good general color. They can reduce the glare effect, in addition to ultraviolet light, its unique molecules can also absorb a higher frequency of color, such as blue. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to ultraviolet light (such as blue and purple) is one of the causative factors of cataract. In fact, Sun Tiger has a special version called Blue Blockers, which owns the patent. Such sunglasses, like yellow lenses, can cause color distortion, but increase contrast and clarity.

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