People Who Need To Wear Goggles

2019-nCoV can be transmitted through droplets and aerosols. Infections through the eye and conjunctiva are likely to be a form of droplet or aerosol transmission, but they are not a new route of transmission.
I. People who need to wear goggles
Related medical staff. Medical personnel must wear protective goggles or a mask when performing operations that may produce aerosols or splatter of mouth and nose secretions when performing care for suspected and confirmed patients with new pneumonia. In fact, WHO guidelines in both droplet protection and aerosol protection mention wearing goggles or masks, which means that medical staff need to wear goggles or masks in the entire process of nursing suspected new pneumonia.
II.People who do not need to wear goggles
1. Ordinary people who go out in general
Because their risk of infection is much less than that of close contacts, it currently appears that the general public does not need to wear goggles or a mask.

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