Our Super Super Cute Children's Mask

Our super super cute children's mask

There are two styles of cute children's masks

1. High elastic adjustable elastic belt protective mask

2. Removable protective mask

Now let's introduce this removable child protective mask

1. Materials: high transparent pet food grade material, safe, environmental protection and degradable

2. Pattern: using preferred ink, clear printing and lovely design

3. Wearing: easy to wear, comfortable, clear vision

4. Function: 180 degree isolation protection, prevent pollen, dust, reduce cross infection

5. Usage:

1) The two sides of the anti fogging piece are pasted with protective film, which should be torn off before use

2) The lens hole is reconnected with the hole of spectacle frame

3) Insert the bolt firmly into the frame hole, and the same is true for the other side

4) Installation completed

6. Optional patterns: male and female angel, girl angel, cartoon clown, little white rabbit, little tiger, little pig, little sheep, smiling face




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