How To Prevent Premature Myopia From Occurring In Children?

First, establish a visual development file


Establishing a child's refractive development file is the most effective method for early warning of myopia. It is recommended that children establish a refractive development file from a formal medical institution from the age of 3, and discover the signs of myopia early.


Second, develop correct eye habits


Cultivate the child's correct pen posture and achieve "three ones": the finger is held one inch above the tip of the pen, and the thumb and the index finger do not cross each other, and the pen tip can be seen. Look at the writing position to sit upright, keep a distance between the eyes and the book, and keep a punch between the chest and the desk.


At the same time, reading and writing for 50 minutes, you should rest for 10 minutes.


Keep away from the electronic screen, every <30 minutes.


Change bad eye habits: Don't lie on the sofa or bed to read books, watch TV, don't read under strong light or low light, don't read on the bus, don't read while walking.


Third, close to nature, eye bath sunshine


Evidence-based medical evidence at home and abroad shows that adhering to the outdoor activities for 2 hours a day and allowing the eyes to bathe in natural light can effectively reduce the incidence of myopia in adolescents. Encourage children to take breaks during class, walk out of the classroom during lunch break, ride on the road to school, walk on the way, and increase the outdoor activities on weekends. As long as you can enjoy outdoor activities for 2 hours every day, you can effectively prevent myopia.


Fourth, diet considerations


Eat more foods containing collagen, lutein, and carotene, such as pigskin trotters, broccoli and carrots. Carotene is fat-soluble and must be eaten with oil.


Don't eat too much sweets, especially when you are on an empty stomach.


Eat less snacks, avoid partial eclipse, eat more fruits, vegetables, soy products, animal liver, etc. Food diversity is very important.


Please remember preventing problems is far more important than solving problems.

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