How To Make Decoration Design For The Glasses Shop?

1. Service Desk: The optical shop service desk should have a faint cultural atmosphere, give customers a different kind of warmth, and also provide enthusiastic service.

2, the hall: the optical shop hall is the most basic and most realistic part of the show, all kinds of glasses samples are displayed here to customers. Therefore, the boutique decoration here is very important, and it is also a guarantee to increase the value of an optical shop. The hall is very important for the use of lighting, color and mirror. The design of the brand optical shop should pay attention to: the general optical shop uses white light to reveal the texture of the glasses, and the bright feeling can also reflect a more comfortable shopping. atmosphere. However, the design of the optical shop lobby should not be too bright. At the same time, the storefront, ceiling and glasses counters should be considered to install the showcase lighting fixtures that meet their respective requirements. In the color matching, light-colored glasses are set with dark blue and dark glasses with white background, which are more in line with the cultural consumption and can feel the different colors brought by the glasses. At the same time, the use of mirrors is also very important, can give people the spacious illusion of the store, and play a role in brightening the horizon.

3, the optician room: the optician room is equipped with a lot of sophisticated instruments, accessories, disinfection pool, so usually the decoration price is higher, pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument.

4, optometry room: optometry room generally has no special requirements, but must have sufficient length, visual acuity check to at least 5 meters. If it is not enough, it can be ensured by placing a plane mirror. At the same time, the optometry room should use an indirect light source, air circulation, and clean and quiet.

The store interior design requires an internal environment that is clean and tidy, and the functional areas are clearly distributed so that customers can see what they need at first glance.

When designing the optical shop, you must find a professional optical shop decoration company. The professional optical shop company can provide targeted store decoration planning.

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