How To Maintain Sunglasses

Bright sun glasses let you active in the sun, good freedom.

In fact, the sun glasses block to live in the sun, can not stop pollution damage, so be careful to protect, lest face Shing oh. Maintenance of the sun glasses is like maintenance of general glasses, cleaning, folding, storage must develop habits.

But sunglasses often take off wear wear, accidentally will scratch, so there are some small details to specifically remind you: sunglasses have a stain adhesion, you can not use nails to pull, it is easy to scratch the surface of scratches. Sun glasses do not wear, many people will be conveniently hung on the head, collar or pocket, at this time the body's motion amplitude can not be too large, so as not to break or crash.

Or someone will put in the handbag, suggest you or put into the rigid glasses box, then put into the handbag, lest be key, comb, copper and other small things wear lenses, or contaminated with lipstick and other cosmetics.

The sun-glasses worn by the driving family do not wear often conveniently on the dashboard or seat, which is very bad habit, hot weather will be baked sunglasses will not be the prototype, especially plastic frame is so, preferably with a car, or a collection of glasses in the box. No matter where you keep your sunglasses, be sure to remember the mirror facing up.

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